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PADI Open Water course

PADI Open Water course

PRICE: 395 Euros

3 days

Includes theory, Certification, equipment & FREE dive insurance

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The PADI Open Water Diver course,worldwide is the most popular scuba course. It has introduced thousands of people to the world of diving and continues to introduce more and more every year.

Do you want to one of them?

The Fun Part

Diving is fun so, well just about all of it, because learning to dive is fantastic. You will learn to breathe underwater for the very first time and learn new skills that will allow you to become a certified diver. During the Open water course, there are five pool dives and four open water dives at local sites. These will be completed under the supervision of your PADI Instructor.


What You Learn

  • Scuba diving equipment what we need and why.
  • How to plan & complete actual open water dives
  • How to prevent & deal with common problems


    The PADI Open Water Diver course consists of three main phases:

    • Knowledge Development ( home study/ classroom or internet based) to help understand the basic principles of scuba diving.
    • Confined Water Dives (pool) to learn the basic scuba diver skills
    • Open Water Dives (sea) to practice your skills & investigate the underwater world!


  • The equipment you will use

    You'll use all the basic scuba diver equipment. A BCD jacket that holds your tank and gives you buoyancy, a scuba regulator that allows you to breathe underwater, a weight belt with lead, submersible pressure gauge to manage depth and air supply will also be used. You will also wear wetsuit, boots, fins, mask & snorkel.


    The Learning Materials You Need

    eLearning through our online classroom. Access the classroom where you want and when you want.



    To sign up for the PADI Open Diver course or Junior Open Water Diver course, you must

    • Be 10 years or older.


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